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Jade Naturals



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This intention candles are non toxic, made with coconut and soy wax, free of paraffin and phthalates. The wooden wicks made a crackling sound that give you the sensation of a campfire at home. They are infused with crystals and flowers for an specific intention what make them good for meditation and elevate your energy vibration.

STRESS RELIEF infused with Lavander and amethyst perfect for a peaceful night after a very stressful day.

LOVE & HARMONY infused with roses and rose quartz to invoke self love an sensuality.

HEALING infused with calendula, albizia flowers, clear quartz and red agate for a positive impact on physical and mental well being.

PROSPERITY infused with chrysanthemum, lemon, Jade stone and yellow agate to attract prosperity and abundance to your life.

PEACE & CALM infused with turquoise, jasmine and lotus flower to bring calmness and peace.

BALANCE Infused with rainbow fluorite to help you with focus and clarity setting your mind clear so you can consciously co-crear with the universe.

7oz glass jars with bamboo lids.


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